March 1, 2021


Personal Project -

AskCr is a project inspired by StackOverflow but tailored specifically for the Crystal ecosystem.

This is a project written using Lucky and is inspired by StackOverflow. This project was made to serve as a resource for the Crystal programming language where users can get help by asking questions and help others by sharing their knowledge and answering questions.

The project is currently being re-written and the initial release is about 65% done.

If you'd like to help, please feel free to open up issues or contribute code. As of now I'm doing this all on my own.

If you would like to donate to the project and help pay the server and domain bills, you can donate:

  • Ko-FI -
  • BTC (bc1qkjd9vdvmgmzwma786guc8u04rztnuat3alm3ks)
  • ETH (0x4Ed9693609e19De3C97813E851f877EeBc9abd3f)
  • BCH (qqpjvu533z0r4j0mex9s73epenttrvsa7sqdqnu3zw)

Thank you for reading! Oh and here's some preview screen caps below!

Screenshots of Progress

Click the image to view full size.

home page dashboard question view admin dash view

Project Status:
Website GitHub

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