November 16, 2020

Connect Mobile

Professional Project -

Connect Mobile is a new application built with Flutter/Dart for L&M Distribution and Warehousing. I have done previous contract work with L&M so we had a good rapport.

L&M came to me looking for a mobile application that could interact with their existing API. This API manages all the data about their inbound/outbound shipments, inventory, customers, and more. But, the main focus of the application is to manage their shipments, for now. This application would help increase productivity quite a bit as employees can log inbound shipment times, damage, storage location, and other data right from their phones.

Thus far, the "Inbounds" section of the application has been completed. Employees can login and upon logging in, they a greeted with a menu. Clicking an item in the menu brings them to a list of shipments in that particular category. When clicking on a shipment, they can then modify data about the shipment and submit it to the API. For example, inbound shipments can have their arrival times logged, where it's being stored, damage reports, and a field for other miscellaneous notes.

No more need to write it down on paper then make the journey to the office PC and fill it all in there anymore.

Project Status: Complete

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