October 14, 2020


Professional Project - https://skica.me/

Skica is a new mobile application currently under development to help improve your skin in a fun, enjoyable way. This Android and iOS application is built using the Dart programming language and Flutter framework.

This is my first project and experience with both Dart and Flutter. I have found them both to be quite fun and enjoyable to work with!

For this project, I am working with a team of 2 other people and I am the only programmer. I am responsible for building and maintaining the mobile application, website, and blog.

App Features

  • Create your own custom skincare routines.
  • Select from our pre-made routines.
  • Timers built into the routines.
  • Search products to add to routine(s).
  • Track your daily progress.
  • Set daily notification reminders.
  • Various skincare challenges.
  • Earn points and rewards for activity.
  • And more coming soon!

Skica is a small team of 3 people from Vietnam and the United States. Stay tuned as progress on the application continues!

Project Status:
Website GitHub

dart flutter android ios mobile