March 11, 2021

I'm looking for some more work. Checkout my proposal and let's talk business!

Ask you know, I'm Nolan Mayersky, a software engineer from the Chicagoland area. Software engineering is more than just a job for me, it's a love and a passion. I spend an unhealthy amount of time online. 🤣

I generally charge $30-$70/hr depending on the complexity of the application or website.

Note: I would not mind working full time for a company with decent benefits either!

Right now, work is a bit slower than usual so I'm looking to take on some short term (1-3 months) projects, but I'm also interested in working full-time as well if the company and fit is right.

About My Work

All apps are 100% unique and bilt from the ground up. Plan standard static websites may not be, but will still be at least 50-60% unique.

Knowledge & Experience

I have expertise and/or experience with all of the following languages tech:

  • Backend: #Django, #Node.js, #RubyonRails
  • SQL: #MySQL, #PostgreSQL, #Firebase
  • Frontend: #VueJS, #Svelte, #ReactJS, #TailwindCSS, #Bootstrap
  • Languages: #Ruby, #Crystal, #Dart, #JavaScript, #Python, and probably more tbh.
  • Libraries: #Lucky, #Sinatra, Ruby on Rails
  • Markup: #HTML/#HTML5, #Markdown
  • OS: Linux - #Ubuntu, #Debian, #Fedora, #CentOS.
  • Stylesheets:: #CSS, #SASS, #SCSS, #Tailwind CSS
  • Mobile Apps: #Flutter/#itDart (for cross platform ios/android apps)

I'm sure I could add more, but I think that's enough for now.

So, if you have a killer app idea, let's build it together! Or if you only need a website built or re-built, we can do that together too!

Payment structures

Payment models are the following:

  • $250-$1000 Minimum Depost (depending on project size). This is non-refundable once work on the project has been started!
  • Then the remaining balance will be paid weekly or bi-weekly depending on the clients choice. It could be paid 100% upfront if you'd even like to.
  • We also require all clients be hosted on our hosting servers for many reasons. Primarily, debugging any issues that may occur and it doesn't require us to depend on a 3rd party.
  • Note: we also provide shared, dealer, and VPS services even if you're not a dev client! Just contact us for a quote and we WILL beat the competition!
  • Upon the start of the devlopement agreement, the client will receive a digital (.PDF) file of the contract in addition to a physical copy which wi be signed by both the client and myself!
  • NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) are available upon request of the client or contractor. Should their project contain sensitive info or have features that can "change the game" in their industry.

So if you have a killer app idea or just need a website built or re-built, my team and I can certainly get it done for you. Our main priority is QUALITY, USABLITY, SECURITY, and USER-EXPERIENCE.

My Background

You can checkout my blog and incomplete portfolio (i can e-mail you screens and details from the unlisted projects if you'd like) here; A few itms are missing due to non-disclosure agreements I had to sign.

We are also a 100% USA based company and will NEVER outsource any work to non-US citizens.

Here are some screenshots from latest platform/project I've ben building 100% from scratch

Current Screenshots

Here are some screenshots from a current project we are working on. It is not yet finished. But getting there!

| Home Page | Old User Dashboard | Questions w/ Marked Solution | Admin Panel/Dash | | home page | dashboard | question view|admin dash view|

Please get in touch and we can work out a nice deal.

Contact Information

Email: Phone: (219) 244-4946 Or via website:

Much love and look forward to working together and helping eachorhers businesses, Nolan

P.S. if you'd like to see a scree shot of testimonials from work I did for clients at, just let me know and I'll send them.

Double P.S. I would not mind working full time for a company with decent benefits either!

Triple P.S. if you refer a client to me automatic 15% commission!

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