November 16, 2020

L&M Distribution and Warehousing Flutter App

So, as I said in one of my previous posts, I have been working with Flutter quite a bit lately. First (and currently) I started working on a skincare/beauty app called Skica( with my girlfriend and her designer friend.

I will post an update on that application soon. Then, I happened to pick up another Flutter gig for a company I did some Ruby work for in the past. That company is L&M Distribution and Warehousing.

L&M wanted a mobile application that could interact with their API. This would help increase productivity quite a bit as employees can log inbound shipment times, damage, storage location, and other data right from their phones.

No more need to write it down on paper then make the journey to the office PC and fill it all in there anymore.

Unfortuneately, the project is closed-source. So, I can't share the Github repo. But! I do have some nice screenshots I could share! :D


Here is the first screen/login page: Screen Shot 20201116 at 14.48.18.png

After successfully signing in, you are greeted and given a menu to choose from. Currently, only Arrivals/Inbounds works. But, more features will be added to this application soon. Screen Shot 20201116 at 14.48.53.png

Here is a view after clicking Arrivals/Inbounds. Screen Shot 20201116 at 14.49.06.png

And finally, here is the single item/shipment view. Here employees can see the data of the inbound order and also set its arrival date and time, its departure time, log any damage seen, and log any additional notes. Screen Shot 20201116 at 14.49.12.png

I've become a lot more familiar with Flutter. I still don't enjoy it nearly as much as web dev, but it's growing on me a bit.

Anyone here have experience working with Flutter? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Also! If anyone is in need of a Flutter, mobile, or web dev, get in touch with me! I'm always looking for new projects to take on!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the Skica application update!

tags: programming flutter android ios dart mobile