July 16, 2020

Why I Decided on Software Engineering

As some of you know, I have enrolled in Flatiron School's software engineering full-time program. One of our first assignments in this program is to write about why we decided to pursue software engineering.

The early years

Well, my pursuit technically started quite a long time ago. I remember in my early teens playing the game Neopets. On Neopets, you were able to create some unique looking shops, guilds, profiles, and more. This was due to being able to modify those pages with HTML and CSS.

I remember discovering this and then seeking out how I could do this to my profile, store, guild. This was my very first introduction to a form of coding. I was amazed. There was so much you could do.

I continued this route. This eventually led me to thing like Yahoo! GeoCities and AngelFire websites. From there I progressed on.

Going deeper

A few years later I learned about PHP. PHP allows you to modify databases and write back-end code. A large portion of the internet today is still built with PHP and SQL databases. This is when I realized all of the possibilities through code.

For the next few years I dabbled in and out of programming. I was always busy with my job and life, so it was never a primary focus of mine.

Now, I had made some blogs. Me and a friend actually made a small free hosting business. You obtained web hosting from us by posting in a forum. Each forum post was given points based on length and whether it was a topic or reply. We earned some money in ads by keeping an active forum this way. We eventually sold it for a tiny amount of money.

After that, it was awhile before I got back in to programming again. I made some blogs and little worthless sites, but never kept any of them around because they were awful (hah).

I eventually took to learning some Python. I know quite a bit I would say. I have worked on some small personal projects. But, I still lack any formal training or any experience in a faster paced working environment working with teams of people.

Changing courses

Fast forward to last year. I decided that I would pursue a path in software engineering. My dream is to own my own business one day. I'd like it to be a tech business. Something that helps people. So, I dropped everything and began looking into how I could get on this path.

I started researching bootcamps and I liked what I read about Flatiron. I know I could teach myself. But, I also know it would take a long time and that it's easy to get discouraged. So, I enrolled in the bootcamp. I've never had any formal training. So, I figured this would be a quicker way to learn.

I'm excited to learn more. I'm really looking forward to learning Ruby and working with others in my group. The group projects are what I'm most excited about.

I have just completed my first day and will write more as I progress.

tags: bootcamp code