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Hired on to 2 new projects and what else I've been up to. programming ruby flutter work solar-crm cattlefinder skica rails dart crystal lucky
Flutter CI/CD with Codemagic programming flutter ci cd dart
L&M Distribution and Warehousing Flutter App programming flutter android ios dart mobile - Mobile Skincare Application dart flutter skica android ios mobile development programming
Elixir Comprehensions - The "for" Macro elixir programming code macro comprehensions
The Elixir Enum Module code functions enum elixir programming
Recursion in Elixir code recursion functions elixir programming
Learning Elixir, a Functional Language code elixir programming
A Review of My Bank, Because They're Actually Awesome money banking online technology chime
My Hardware and Software Setup(s) hardware software setup freelance config work
Landed My First Gig Through Gun sinatra code freelance ruby work
A Rudimentary Blockchain Written in Crystal blockchain cryptography crypto crystal
Session - Send Messages Not Metadata cryptography privacy decentralized session messaging loki
New Site Deployed with Rails & Capistrano code capistrano digitalocean ruby rails
Speek - A Rails Social Network speek social-network code ruby rails
Using a Simulated Domain Instead of localhost domains code ruby rails
Save Your Ocean - Sinatra App saveyourocean sinatra code ruby
GeckoAPI - Crypto data in Ruby! cli cryto coingecko cryptocurrency bootcamp code ruby
Join me on Codewars! bootcamp code