Personal Project – https://speek-rails.herokuapp.com/

Speek is the name of the project I decided to undertake for my Flatiron School Ruby on Rails final. Speek is a social network that resembles Twitter in some ways, but features longer form posts and user created communities.


  • User profiles with avatars and custom header images.
  • User created communities with roles.
  • Private messaging.
  • Follow and get followed by users.
  • Activity feed to see what people you follow are up to.
  • Posts are formatable in Markdown syntax.
  • Signup via Google/Omniauth.
  • Built with Material Design Bootstrap.
  • And more!

I spent a lot of hours working on this project, especially given the extra time we had due to the holiday break.

If you’d like to checkout Speek, you can do so at: https://speek-rails.herokuapp.com/. My video walkthrough is also posted below. Hope you like it!


  • Ruby on Rails 6
  • Ruby
  • Omniauth
  • Material Design Bootstrap 4.5
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • HTML/CSS – Responsive Design
  • RESTful Routing

Project Status: Complete