Southlake Services LLC

Professional Project –

Southlake Services LLC. is a landscaping company from Northwest Indiana that was seeking a complete website re-design. The budget for this project was on the lower side, as were the requirements. The website was to serve mainly as an information resource for and a way to generate more potential clients for the company.

Southlake Services wanted to completely re-design their website, but were looking to do so on a budget.

Their original website was not much more than a contact form, so the content creation was left up to me, too. I created pages titled with local town/city names + landscaping keywords to help attract the Google bots and improve the website’s ranking in local searches.

The solution I came up with was to utilize WordPress as the content management system and to build the design from Bootstrap. Both of these options save a lot of hours that I could put into building out the content. With this project, a majority of my focus was on the SEO (search engine optimization). Our main goal was to bring in potential clients.

Careful consideration was taken with how all of the content was worded. Keyword analysis and density were considered on all pages of the website and tools were utilized to help in this.

This project took about 1 month to complete. The contact form has been used over 50 times since the website was launched. So, I would call this project a success. It is less a show of my design and programming skills, but more a display of my versatility and ability to make the most of a clients needs no matter what the budget.

Nolan is a talented developer and has a deep knowledge of computers, the internet, and just how things work. He was able to complete our project quickly and exceed my expectations. I highly recommend him as a professional.

  • Christian Reddick – Founder of Southlake Services LLC.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress 5.4.x
  • Bootstrap 4.5
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • HTML/CSS – Responsive Design
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

Project Status: Complete